About Us

Mar Blava is a cross-sector Alliance consisting of government entities, potentially affected sectors such as fisheries, tourism, nautical, social and environmental organizations, trade unions and public and private institutions. Its goal is to join forces in order to permanently stop the research project and subsequent oil exploration off the west coast of Ibiza and Formentera. The aim is to preserve the environmental wealth that makes the Balearic Islands such a unique place and to ensure its citizens continued employment and welfare. Future generations also deserve the right to inherit an environment preserved in good condition.

This dangerous and useless project is not an unavoidable reality: prevention is the responsibility of the whole society, and we see examples of society mobilising against similar projects in other parts of Spain and beyond. Therefore we encourage all entities of our society to join the Alliance. We also invite any group who may not have the possibility of joining us but who shares our goals, to become “Friends of the Alliance”.

The Alliance is a group of entities. If you wish your entity to join the Alliance Mar Blava (as a “Member” or as a “Friend“) please send us your logo and sign the letter of adhesion via the “Contact” section.

Individuals wishing to stay informed about the Cairn Energy Project and the activities that are undertaken to stop it can also become “Friends of the Alliance”.

Origins of the Alliance

As it became clear that the rejection of the oil explorations is quite a unanimous voice across Ibiza, the Ibiza Preservation Fund quickly promoted the creation of an alliance against the proposed research for hydrocarbons in the Gulf of Valencia to give all affected stakeholders a voice. The IPF has helped the Alliance’s inception, by financing the Secretariat that coordinates the Alliance, fully for the first six months and significantly after that period.

The Alliance ‘s name “Alliance Mar Blava” (Blue Sea Alliance) is a tribute to the beautiful sea that it aims to protect under the slogan “Ibiza and Formentera Oil exploration free zone”.

The first meeting of the Alliance was held on June 14, 2013 and on July 9 the Alliance was publicly presented in a press conference at the Palacio de Congresos of Ibiza, comprising more than thirty member organizations.

The Alliance will use its information, outreach and membership to enforce the claims of the entire society against the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons on the seabed in deep waters between the coast of Ibiza and Valencia. Capricorn Spain Limited, a Spanish subsidiary of the Scottish oil company Cairn Energy, are the company carrying out the exploration.

The Alliance Mar Blava:

  • Urges the Minister of the Environment not to give environmental authorisation, starting with the first phase of research (the so called acoustic surveys).
  • Requires the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to take into account the significant environmental, social and economic impacts of the project, if it were to go ahead even in the initial exploratory stages.
  • Demands, in turn, that the EIA assesses all the phases together and not only the phase of seismic studies. All these phases can determine cumulative and synergistic impacts on the same affected area.
  • Also advocates the need to assess the cumulative effects of all the projects of hydrocarbon wells on the Mediterranean coast of Spain through a Strategic Environmental Assessment.
  • Stresses that according to the directives of the European Union, energy efficiency, and conservation and renewables are the answer to the important energy challenges facing Spain (as indeed the rest of the world) rather than a continued dependence on new facilities to boost oil extraction. The combined energy potential of these three factors is much greater than the potential hydrocarbon reserves in Spain, with the added advantage that this option involves a zero risk and a capacity to generate much higher employment – not to mention mitigating climate change.
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