We want the Mediterranean Sea without activities of exploration, research and exploitation of hydrocarbons. We want quieter seas and oceans, without underwater acoustic pollution. We want a living Mediterranean sea.

If you also have those same wishes, we encourage you to present allegations and mobilize against the MedSalt-2 acoustic sounding project, which is also a cover for the oil industry. This project is currently subject to a public information process.

Thank you very much!!

Here you have all the information and materials you need.

Model of allegations:

En castellano: en PDF y en DOCX (actualizado el 25 mayo)model to authorize another person to register the allegation

En català: en PDF i en DOCX (actualitzat el 25 de maig)model per autoritzar una altra persona a registrar l’al·legació

It is very important that you fill in perfectly legible your information (name and surname, ID, address) in the heading of the allegation so that they do not have arguments to not admit it.

We have been informed that the Spanish Government does not accept allegations in English or German, as these are not official languages in Spain. For this reason, the following translations into English and German are for information purposes, since you must sign and register the version in Spanish or Catalan. Thank you very much for your help and forgive the inconvenience, but that is what the Government demands.

Template in English: (PDF) (updated 25th may)Warning: We have been notified that the Spanish Government will not accept allegations in English nor German, given that these languages are not official languages in Spain. We would therefore ask you to read the allegations in your own language, but to sign and register the Spanish or Catalan version of the text. Many thanks for your help and sorry for the inconveniences, due to Government requirements. Signed allegations already sent to Alianza Mar Blava in English or German will be submitted to the Spanish Government together with a certified translation of the text into Spanish, thus ensuring their validity.

Formularen auf Deutsch: (PDF) (aktualisiert am 25. Mai)Warnung: Die spanische Regierung akzeptiert keine Einsprüche in Englisch oder Deutsch, da dies keine offiziellen Sprachen in Spanien sind. Deshalb bitten wir Sie die Einsprüche in ihrer Sprache zu lesen und sie dann in Spanisch oder Katalan zu unterschreiben und registrieren zu lassen. Danke. Bitte entschuldigen Sie die Unannehmlichkeiten aber die spanische Regierung verlangt es so.

Instructions to make it easy for you:

Instrucciones en castellano (en PDF)
English instructions (in PDF)

Information about the project and its situation:

En castellano: Informacion resumida sobre el proyecto en fase de alegaciones. (en PDF)
In english: Summary information on the Medsalt-2 Project (in PDF)
Informations récapitulatives sur le projet dans la phase des allégations. (en PDF)

Alianza Mar Blava puts at your disposal a written model for:

Request documentation of the MEDSALT-2 project submitted for consultation in this public information process. (DOCX)
Request to be an interested party in the administrative file of the MEDSALT-2 project that is in the possession of the MAEC, to be able to consult all the documentation of this file. (DOCX)

Signature collection points: