The Alliance Mar Blava thanks the Ibiza Preservation Fund its key task of articulating all parties concerned in order to promote the creation of this alliance. Its support has been critical for this purpose and also its contribution to fund the Alliance’s work, fully in its first six months and significantly after that period.


The Alliance Mar Blava thanks Enric Majoral the creation and design of the logo based on Posidonia which, as he puts it, represents strength, determination, alliance, union, personality and, above all, the Sea and the Nature concealed in it. We also thank Victor Yern for their collaboration in this work as a graphic designer.

Web developement

This page has been developed by Salvia for the Alliance Mar Blava.

We thank andamira for the design, development and maintenance of the website.

We thank punto&coma for designing infographics and maps displayed on multiple pages (1, 23, 4).

And we thank a subtlepatterns for the use of several of their patterns.


We thank the law firm Debelare Abogados the realization of the report “Informe jurídico naturaleza DIA


We thank the following people for the pictures displayed on the home page:

  1. First photograph: Ibiza lighthouse in the south  © Cat Milton
  2. Second photograph: Bicis © CPGXK
  3. Third photograph: Wham:a different corner © Lali Masriera
  4. Fourth photograph: costa de Ibiza  © Cat Milton
  5. Fifth photograph: Formentera © Angel JVC
  6. Sixth photograph: Sea Turtle © Nektarios Sylligardakis

As well as the other authors of the photographs used on the website, credited in each caption.